The $NFTD Token

Token Utility

The $NFTD token is the native token of the NFTrade platform, serving various roles in governance and utility. $NFTD will act as the governance mechanism of the NFTrade platform, allowing stakeholders to have direct say in the future decision-making power and direction of the platform.

$NFTD will also provide holders with a discount on platform fees, as well as the ability to be used for staking, offering the opportunity for holders to earn exclusive NFTs and a high APY in a passive manner. Don't forget exclusive NFT drops for upcoming games, metaverses, and collections; $NFTD will offer a plethora of features.


Token Allocation

Vesting Schedule

• Community round - 100% at TGE

• IDO Allocations - 20% at TGE, 20% released each following month

• Pre-IDO (Private and Seed) Allocations - 15% at TGE, 3 month cliff then 5.3125% released each following month

• Liquidity & Incentives - 15% at TGE, 4.25% released each following month

• Marketing - 5% at week 2 after launch, 5% every 4 months until Month 11, 20% every 4 months following

• Advisors - 10 month cliff before 5% release, 20% every 3 following months, final 15% on Month 25

Team - 18 month cliff, 20% released every 3 months

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